WIMMI offers an inclusive and supportive environment to women at all stages of their careers for professional development, lifestyle management and the formation of lasting friendships.

Our Founding Principles


1. More than 60% of college graduates over the next decade will be female, increasing the  importance and power of women in society, business and culture. WIMMI offers a welcoming environment for women joining the media, marketing and entertainment community.

2. Dual mentoring is at WIMMI’s core, recognizing that young women entering the workforce are the first generations to have grown up with the Internet and social media, and have as much or more to teach as to learn.

3. WIMMI recognizes diversity as a priority for the future health of society and supports the development of resources to advance diversity in media, marketing and entertainment.

4. Women face unique work/life challenges and WIMMI offers a social environment to foster connections, communications and mutual support.

5. WIMMI is a voluntary organization open to all women in media, marketing, entertainment and related fields without dues, fees or membership requirements.

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